The elusive ‘Abair! : faclaír’ captured!

After searching for ‘Abair! : faclaír’, the only Gaelic dictionary that my tutor recommends, online for a while it looked like I was going to have to do a long and probably futile crawl around second-hand bookstores.  Or just agree to pay anywhere between £23 and £2500 (really!) for a book which should cost £5.99.

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Ceart – Notes on Lesson 2

Despite the pace of lesson 2 there were some interesting notes and facts to keep us going through the intensity.

Firstly, the word “cat” in Gaelic is cat and that’s because the word “cat” in English comes for the Gaelic for “cat” which is cat.  I may have dragged that out a little, the original sentence was too short to be particularly interesting.

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Tha mi ag iarraidh uisge-beatha – Lesson 2

Week 2 set off at a ferocious pace with another couple of people joining the class!  One elderly gent (84 years old next week) joined us after having already completed several of the courses and even corrected the tutor at one point, who he seems to know well.  Mental note: don’t try and correct the tutor.

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The Origins of Gaelic

Along with the coursework for this session and a wee pronunciation guide we were provided with a short story of ‘The Origins of Gaelic’ which I thought was quite interesting and worth sharing (verbatim).

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Àirigh – Notes on Lesson 1

The inaugural class of Autumn 2014’s the OLL (Office of Lifelong Learning) Gaelic 1.1 course wasn’t just a matter of repeating “parrot-like” set phrases, grammar points and vocabulary.  Our tutor also gave us some interesting side notes and information about the Gaelic speaking communities, history of certain words and various other interesting snippets to keep us entertained.

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Feasgar Math – Lesson 1

Good afternoon\evening! If you are reading this at any other time period of the day then the sentiment persists, I just haven’t learned how to say any other greetings in Gaelic yet.

This post, like all subsequent posts, exists in order to document my progress in learning Scottish Gaelic or Gàidhlig from absolute beginner level.

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